Brooklyn Deli is a locally owned deli at Roscoe, IL. The deli has been in operation since August 2009.Over that time, it has attracted and kept customers coming back time and time again due to its highest standard services.

Brooklyn Deli serves the best quality of meats and cheeses, real Chicago-style hot dogs, a range of fresh baked bakery bread including the delicious whole grains, ciabatta and marble ryes. Everything at Brooklyn Deli is made to order and comes complemented with friendly services free of charge.

The deli was founded by Mark Anderson, who had been working in the food industry for over 20 years. The following is a blurb from the founder of Brooklyn Deli:

“I was wishing there was a deli like that in my area and figured I can’t be the only one who appreciates a high-quality, delicious deli sub. And thankfully I have come across a lot of people in the last 6 years who share my love for a quality product and I hope to expose even more people to our delicious/high-quality food in the years to come.
So come to Brooklyn Deli for a high-quality food experience!”