Roscoe is a village within the Rockford, Illinois suburb in the Winnebago Country. Roscoe lies along the Rock River within a suburban area and is part of the Rockford, IL metropolitan statistical area. The village has been undergoing rapid expansion with the most noteworthy recent growth being the Promontory Ridge and Hidden Creek custom home subdivision, found to the east of the Illinois Tollway.

If you are looking for Roscoe, IL happenings, things to do in Roscoe, Roscoe, IL Events, or any leisure activies in Roscoe, IL. Then AfriCaribbean Hotspot has it covered for you. The following are list of upcoming events and activities in and around Roscoe, IL.

July 22nd
Leland Park Baseball Field – Reserved SYA:- A weekly event taking place at Roscoe, IL on weekdays up to until October, 2nd 2015. The event will be at the Leland Park at the baseball field. Time from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. To save to Google calendar, click here.
July 23rd
Downtown Elgin Harvest Market: The
Three Good Men: If you are looking for a Roscoe, IL event where to enjoy live music, some great food and drinks, the head sown to the river in Downtown Rockford. The event will take place every Thursday this summer starting at 5pm – 10 pm. To save on Google Calendar, click here.
July 24th
Young Rembrandts: Get in touch and discover the beauty and mysteries the Asian continent has to offer. It is also an opportune time to take your kids out to an fun and creative environment, where they will learn how to draw, some art techniques and bring out their creativity in a condusive environment. This Roscoe, IL event is recommended for students aged 7-14 years. To save on your Google Calendar, click here.
Lena Brewing Tap Invasion/ Meet the Brewer: This is a must-go event for beers lovers in Roscoe, IL. You get the chance to mingle with the brewer master of the Lena Brewing Company and of course get some few pints. The event will take place at the Olympic Tavern starting 6pm – 9pm. To save on your Google Calendar, click here.
Free Fishing Clinic: Are you a rookie fisherman? Well, this summer the Illinois Department of Natural Resources tips on fishing. The free fishing clinic will include lessons on sport fishing ethics and the fish ecology. The poles and supplies will also be provided. This event will take place at the Historic Baltic Mall, kicking off at 10am – 12 pm. To save this even on your Google Calendar, click here.
July 25th
Kayak Class: Introduction to Kayaking: Some ‘kayaking 101’ lessons will be happening at the Rocktown Adventures (107, Spruce St. Aurora IL 60506 US) this Saturday. The kayak class will last for about 3.5 hours starting 10:00am – 1:30pm. However, this Roscoe, IL event will not be free, an admission charge of $75 will be charged to cater for the Kayak, Paddle and PFD. To add this event to your Google calendar, click here.
Japanese Tea Ceremony: This weekend (July 25-26), Anderson Japanese Gardens will host a summer tea gathering. Traditional Japanese tea ceremony will feature on both days, and Professor Kimiko Gunji, a Professor Emeritus at the Japanese Traditional Arts & Culture at the University of Illinois. If you want a hand-on tutoring on proper tea serving procedures, guest etiquette, this is the place to be. To add this event to your Google calendar, click here.